The O’Brien Centre was established in December 1998 through a partnership between consumers and the former Mid Western Area Health Service (MWAHS).

We provide a safe environment where people with a mental illness have the opportunity to develop friendships, gain social and work skills, advocate for their issues and work to overcome stigma around mental illness. 

The former MWAHS donated land and several large sheds on the grounds of Bloomfield Hospital which MWCAG volunteers developed over the years, creating a centre which could accommodate a extensive diverse range of activities and programs.

The O’Brien Centre provides a means for people with a mental illness to develop skills, confidence and support networks to enable a smooth transition for them into the community.

It provides an avenue for people with a mental illness living in the community to undertake meaningful work, educating themselves and Supporting others.

It exemplifies the major development in mental health field recognising the growing understanding that even though mental illness is a serious life event, many people who have mental illnesses live full, meaningful and productive lives.
2 Huntley Road Orange NSW